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Doll Play Accessories

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Image of Magic Milk and Juice Baby Bottles
Magic Milk and Juice Baby Bottles
Item: 147814P
Status: In Stock
$8.95 - $16.95
2 years and up. Give your child all the fun of feeding time for their doll with none of the mess! The magic milk and juice bottles are the perfect doll accessories for your child's imagination. The bottles are sealed airtight so there's no spills, but the magic milk and juice on the inside moves just like the real thing. For hours of spill free play time the magic bottles are the perfect addition to your doll collection. 1 pack includes 1 milk bottle and 1 juice bottle. 2 packs include 2 milk bottles and 2 juice bottles.
Image of 20-Piece Accessory Backpack
20-Piece Accessory Backpack
Item: 32711
Status: In Stock
2 years & up. This set includes an apple juice box, a milk carton, 2 boxes of oatmeal, soap, a soap dish, baby shampoo, baby powder, a rubber ducky, a bottle, a sippy cup, a plate, a fork, a spoon, a bib, 2 pacifiers and 3 hangers. Items all store in a durable backpack. Actual accessories and/or color of accessories may vary.