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All About Preschoolers

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Image of The All About Preschoolers Curriculum Resource Set
The All About Preschoolers Curriculum Resource Set
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This set is overflowing with published support materials for the All About Preschoolers Curriculum. Features print rich materials, sorted by unit (1-18), including News of the Day Charts, Journal Booklets, Classroom Rules Poster, Lyric Charts, Math Charts, Lacing Cards, Child Posters (boy/girl), Labels, Name cards, Picture word sequencing cards, Stop and Go Signs, Sun Cutouts, and much more. Mostly photographic, beautiful images of nature, animals, foods, and many more subjects reinforce the exciting… More »
Image of All About Preschoolers Super Set
All About Preschoolers Super Set
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Grounded in solid research, that supports high ratings on quality environment rating tools. This comprehensive thematic curriculum from the developers of the ECERS-R™ is complete with a two volume teacher's guide, weekly posters and resource manipulative set. Teachers are given specific guidance on how to set up, manage and individualize their classroom environment within 18 thought provoking engaging thematic units. Used as a stand-alone or a supplemental curriculum for preschool age children.