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  • Hap Palmer Infant/Toddler CD Set (Set of 3)
    Hap Palmer Infant/Toddler CD Set (Set of 3)
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    Birth & up. Hap Palmer, an innovator in music and movement, has created a series of three recordings specifically for infants and toddlers. Created to promote the well-being of the whole child, these songs encourage physical, cognitive, language, and social and emotional development. Great for active listening and learning as well as quiet times. Includes 3 CDs: Babysong, Tickly Toddle, and So Big.
  • Experiencing Math Through Music CD
    Experiencing Math Through Music CD
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    From Seeds So Small, Math is everywhere; in supermarkets and restaurants and at the sporting events we attend. It?s even in the music we listen to and the songs we sing. Children, like adults, use math every day. They sort toys, create using shapes and patterns, or count crackers for snack. All of the songs and chants on this CD are related to math in some way. These selections are intended to help children make connections between the informal mathematics that they already know and the more formal… More »

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