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Rainbow Architect Builders
Rainbow Architect Builders
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$39.95 - $159.95
12 months & up. Perfect for stacking, nesting and open-ended play, these colorful beech wood blocks lend themselves to STEM concepts like construction, spatial reasoning and patterning. These shape blocks also inspire creativity, language, and design skills. The builders are available in a variety of shapes and the colors in each set are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.
GEO-Stacking Rocks
GEO-Stacking Rocks
Item: 34739
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3 years & up. Bring the beauty of colors found in natural rock formations to children. These wooden rocks can be stacked to build unique landscapes and help children develop an understanding of the fundamentals of balance. Improve concentration and coordination in users as they practice stacking the blocks to make more unconventional shapes. Set includes 6 uniquely designed stacking rocks.