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  • Stacking Turtle
    Stacking Turtle
    • Item Number: 93759
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. A colorful and fun way for children to learn sequencing skills. Stack the turtle's multi-colored shell with 5 different sized wooden oval shapes.
  • Multi-Cultural Family (Set of 24)
    Multi-Cultural Family (Set of 24)
    • Item Number: 82027
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. These ethnic family groups encourage personal identity and cultural awareness and are perfect for the classroom. Four sets of six family members including: African American, Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic.
  • WOW® Jurassic Jimmy
    WOW® Jurassic Jimmy
    • Item Number: 145951
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Go on a crazy prehistoric adventure with Jurassic Jimmy the Truck and his caveman friend! Help Jimmy and his caveman friend find the ultimate dinosaur egg to load on their trailer and bring home. This playset features a truck with an attachable trailer and a large egg that opens up and holds a dinosaur friend inside. Truck is friction-powered and rocks back and forth when pushed. Included: Jurassic Jimmy the Truck, Caveman figure, Attachable trailer, Large, hatch-able egg that… More »
  • WOW® Tow Truck Tim & Rolling Ray
    WOW® Tow Truck Tim & Rolling Ray
    • Item Number: 145952
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Help Tow Truck Tim and Rolling Ray pick up a broken down car that needs to be fixed. Pull up to the side of the road and lower the ramp to load up the broken down car. Once the car is magnetized in place, close the hatch and drive to the mechanic. Tow Truck Tim is friction-powered and features realistic engine sounds when pushed. The attachable trailer features a click-opening tailgate and push-button car launch. Included: Tow Truck Tim, Attachable trailer, Push-along car, and… More »
  • Mega Bloks Junior Builders Fire Station Rescue (55 pieces)
    Mega Bloks Junior Builders Fire Station Rescue (55 pieces)
    • Item Number: 142316
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. With blocks that are just the right size for little hands, this playset offers easy-to-build options for developing minds. Children can construct exciting scenes and decorate the fire station with the included stickers. It's time for the firefighter and firedog to rescue the kitty from the buildable tree! Compatible with other Junior Builders sets. Includes: 55 pieces, building cards to inspire easy-to-build creations, and a sticker sheet.
  • LEGO® DUPLO® All In One Box Pink (10571)
    LEGO® DUPLO® All In One Box Pink (10571)
    • Item Number: 143041
    • In Stock
    1 year & up. This set is a great way for children to discover and learn how to count. Features a girl LEGO® DUPLO® figure, a bunny, a hen, numbered bricks and other kinds of bricks. 65 pieces. Pink.
  • LEGO® City Starter Set (60086)
    LEGO® City Starter Set (60086)
    • Item Number: 143115
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. The crook is about to get away with stolen goods on a speedboat, but then the boat bursts into flames! Call the fireboat and the rescue helicopter and save the day. After saving the crook and tending to his wounds, call the cops and arrest him for stealing. Includes 5 figures: 2 firefighters, a pilot, a police officer and a crook. Features a helicopter, police car with trailer and watercraft, a stolen speedboat and a fireboat. Encourages fine motor skill development, early logic… More »
  • LEGO® City Square (60097)
    LEGO® City Square (60097)
    • Item Number: 143158
    • Temporarily Out of Stock
    6 years & up. It's buzzing with activity at the City Square! Park your bike at the cozy coffee bar, hop aboard the awesome news helicopter, and take to the skies for a bird's-eye view. When you're done flying, stop by the LEGO® Store where a new delivery has just arrived. Help the driver unload the boxes, place them on the handcart, and wheel them into the store. Then check out the cool cars for sale at the dealership showrooms. Help the mechanic operate the car lift and fit a new set of… More »
  • Zoob Z-Strux Scorpion Driller
    Zoob Z-Strux Scorpion Driller
    • Item Number: 145134
    • In Stock
    6 years & up. Build futuristic big rigs and play with them when you are finished! The included hardhat worker is ready to operate your creation. Create a Scorpion Driller, Tunnel Driller, Vertical Driller, a Mine Cart or design your own. Create objects that move and rotate with unique Zoob pieces that form rotating joints and spinning axles. Set includes 73 Zoob pieces, 2 monster tank treads, flip top cab, auger drill, 2 road cones, figure with hard hat, and instructions. The box features a… More »
  • Mega Marble Run (100-Piece Set)
    Mega Marble Run (100-Piece Set)
    • Item Number: 145191
    • In Stock
    4 years & up. Children will have many hours of fun with this exciting Mega Marble Run! The marbles will disappear inside the columns, roll down the assorted chutes, spin through the paddle wheels, and ring the bell on the wiggly chute. Construction set includes: 3 paddle wheels, 3 vortex, a wiggly bell chute, staircase, 180 degree turn, 2-way chute, and other various pieces. Create simple or complex marble runs with the colorful slot-together plastic pieces.
  • Mega Bloks® First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ City Center (75 Pieces)
    Mega Bloks® First Builders™ Fast Tracks™ City Center (75 Pieces)
    • Item Number: 145945
    • In Stock
    1 year & up. Build a bustling downtown scene with bridges, roads, and buildings! This Fast Tracks City Center by Mega Bloks First Builders is packed full of everything you need to create a downtown center full of interactive features. Included: 75-Building pieces: First Builders blocks and special parts, sticker sheet to customize your building and other parts of your set, one buildable car and one buildable taxi with mix-and-match pieces, and one girl and one boy block buddy.
  • WOW® Ronnie Rocket
    WOW® Ronnie Rocket
    • Item Number: 145947
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Prepare yourself for an exciting space odyssey with Ronnie Rocket! Pop open the hatch and get your astronaut ready to go. Pull the cord to activate a vibration that resembles taking off and watch as the astronaut rotates to adjust his controls. The countdown to take off ends when the when the numbers are no longer visible! No batteries required. Size: 5.1"L x 5.1"W x 8.7"H. Included: Rocket and spaceman.
  • WOW® Ryan's Road Trip Playset
    WOW® Ryan's Road Trip Playset
    • Item Number: 145948
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. It's time for a thrilling weekend full of camping fun! Load up the truck, throw the camping supplies in the trailer, and hit the road! Attach the trailer to the truck with the magnetic hitch. Fire with camping tools fits down into the trailer and the tent attaches on top. Truck uses friction for power.Size: 11.5"L x 3.5"W x 4.3"H. Included: Truck and attachable trailer, 2 Figures and a dog, Fake fire with item decals, and a Tent.
  • WOW® Harry Copter's Animal Rescue
    WOW® Harry Copter's Animal Rescue
    • Item Number: 145949
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Help Harry the copter and his veterinarian friend rescue all of the injured animals! This helicopter playset is perfect for little animal lovers. Load up the veterinarian in the copter and fly out to pick up each injured animal and bring them to safety. Harry the copter features trigger activated propellers with realistic sound, a twisting search light to help locate the animals below, and a magnetic rescue wench that latches on to the animals so you can carry them where they… More »
  • VikingToys® 5" Cute Racer - Bunny in Carrot
    VikingToys® 5" Cute Racer - Bunny in Carrot
    • Item Number: 145576-CT
    • In Stock
    12 months & up. Push, pull, and roll the day away with this adorable cheese-themed racer! A durable vehicle by International Playthings with no sharp edges that rolls silently across the floor, this Bunny in Carrot racer is perfect for young drivers. Equipped with a little bunny friend to make the ride more exciting. Made from high-quality, durable BPA free plastic that will last for years to come. Wheels are white for non-streaking. Dishwasher safe.
  • Numeracy Building Blocks (Numbers 0-9)
    Numeracy Building Blocks (Numbers 0-9)
    • Item Number: 70504
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. A cross-curricular approach for extending early math skills to your block area. These multi-purpose wooden blocks feature bold, red numbers from 0-9. Add interest to block play while building number recognition. 10 block set. (Alphabet blocks are not included in this set.)
  • Dino Construction Company Spike - The Ankylosaurus Steam Roller
    Dino Construction Company Spike - The Ankylosaurus Steam Roller
    • Item Number: 31066
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Part dinosaur, part bulldozer, this durable, hard working vehicle is ready for the construction site. Features movable jaw, moving steam roller, action tail and swiveling head. Works well on carpet, in sand or wherever a big construction job is needed. Features swiveling head, movable jaws, and a smashing tail. Comes in an attractive mix of blue and orange. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play. Measures 20" long x 5.5" wide x 9" high.
  • Hot Wheels® Mega Hauler™ Truck
    Hot Wheels® Mega Hauler™ Truck
    • Item Number: 145301
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Built to transport cargo in sleek style! This massive hauler can be loaded with 50 cars in its six expandable levels. You can also connect the Mega Hauler™ to Hot Wheels® orange track and roll your cars into play! Hot Wheels® cars are not included and are sold separately.
  • WOW® Bumpety Bump Bernie
    WOW® Bumpety Bump Bernie
    • Item Number: 145950
    • In Stock
    18 months & up. Load up the farm animals and take them to the pasture with Bumpety-Bump Bernie the Tractor and his farmer friend! This friction-powered tractor features realistic bumping motions while rolling, a push-able smokestack, and an attachable trailer that holds removable fencing for the pasture. Included: Bumpety-Bump Bernie the Tractor and an attachable trailer, 2 Removable fences, Farmer figure and 2 Farm animals.
  • Mega Bloks First Builders Friendly Farm® (70 pieces)
    Mega Bloks First Builders Friendly Farm® (70 pieces)
    • Item Number: 142315
    • In Stock
    1 year & up. It's a big day of fun in the country for little farmers! With eight panel-style blocks, children can rearrange the panels to build and rebuild the farm in many different ways. The detailed blocks bring the farm scene to life with a barn, stables, chicken coop®, and more! Open up the working doors and windows so the Farmer can peek through. If he needs any help with any of his chores, the friendly cow, horse, and chickens are more than happy to pitch in! Compatible with all First… More »
  • LEGO® City Road T-Junction & Curve (7281)
    LEGO® City Road T-Junction & Curve (7281)
    • Item Number: 143098
    • In Stock
    5 - 12 years. Expand your LEGO® town with this supplementary track set. This set includes Includes one T-junction plate and one curved road plate. Each plate measures 10" (25cm) by 10" (25cm) or 32 studs by 32 studs. 2 pieces.
  • Uncle Goose Nursey Rhyme Favorites
    Uncle Goose Nursey Rhyme Favorites
    • Item Number: 145437
    • In Stock
    2 years & up. Hickory, dickory, block! These fun and memorable blocks help children to learn nursery rhymes and are perfect for playing and reading. Each block is embossed with two silhouette images from classic Mother Goose stories along with playful text for each rhyme. Non-toxic. Made from Michigan basswood. Handmade in the USA. Includes 9 blocks. Each block measures 1.75".

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