Vehicle Play

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Block Science Big Trucks
Block Science Big Trucks
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3 years & up. Building upon the multi-faceted early childhood development benefits of unit block play, these sturdy wooden trucks are designed to overlay a new lesson on how a simple machine works. Teaches children to investigate the mechanics of gears, levers, wheel and axle technology, and pendulums. Use Unit Blocks (sold separately) with these Block Science Big Trucks to teach simple machine and STEM concepts while encouraging construction, deconstruction, teamwork, social interaction and self-expression.
Block Mates Construction Vehicles Themed Exploration Set
Block Mates Construction Vehicles Themed Exploration Set
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3 years & up. Build familiar construction vehicles or create new ones by mixing and matching colors and adding a standard unit block to hold it all together. This themed-exploration set includes enough parts to build four construction vehicles: sanitation truck, backhoe, dump truck, and cement mixer. Encourage dramatic play, block building, and color matching skills with these four vehicles. Use this set in a lesson about the specific construction careers these vehicles relate to. The set includes… More »