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  • LEGO® Disney™ Train and Station - 71044
    LEGO® Disney™ Train and Station - 71044
    • Item Number: 144723
    • In Stock
    12 years & up. This train and train station serve as models to the iconic pair, seen at each of the Disney™ Parks®. The train, appearing as a motorized steam locomotive, features 1 passenger car and 1 luxurious parlor car. 20 track pieces are also included, adding to the realism of the locomotive. Five unique LEGO® Disney™ figures are included, as well as intricate brick-built furnishing and a ceiling chandelier! All of these ornate details add to the realism of the train… More »
  • LEGO® Friends Underwater Loop - 41337
    LEGO® Friends Underwater Loop - 41337
    • Item Number: 144668
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. Reach for the skies on the Underwater Loop amusement park ride. Help LEGO® Friends Mia and Vicky buy their tickets and climb up the steps into the theme park ride. Turn the knob to make the chairs spin and wobble, then watch them climb for a great view out over Heartlake City. Each seat fits 3 so the girls can ride together if they need a little extra courage. Reward the girls' bravery by using the sugar juice bottle to make them a giant cotton candy. 389 pieces. Includes:… More »

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