Learning Accomplishment Profile™(LAP)

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Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (E-LAP) Kit
Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (E-LAP) Kit
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Birth - 36 months. A criterion-referenced instrument measuring development in 6 domains. E-LAP™ is appropriate for all children, including those with disabilities. The instrument is excellent for Early Head Start Programs and effective for communicating and collaborating with parents about their children's progress. Includes scoring sheets appropriate for summarizing results 3 times each year. Kit includes materials necessary for assessing 20 children. Additional manuals and scoring books available.
LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten Kit
LAP™ Birth to Kindergarten Kit
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This kit contains a standardized set of materials to facilitate administration of the Learning Accomplishment Profile: Birth to Kindergarten (LAP™ B-K) assessment. A subscription to the Online LAP™ platform is required to administer and score items in the LAP™ B-K assessment.