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  • Green Bubber (15 Ounce Box)
    Green Bubber (15 Ounce Box)
    • Item Number: 30439-GR
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    3 years & up. Bubber leaves no residue and never dries out. When carved it leaves clean, sharp lines and amazing imprints. Perfect for working on fine motor skills and creative art sculptures. Bubber is gluten free, dust free, and allergen free. 15 ounce box.
  • Sew Up Vests
    Sew Up Vests
    • Item Number: 53777
    • In Stock
    Turn any idea into dramatic play! Spray, dip or swipe watercolor paint or marker onto the fabric-like paper vest pieces. Develop fine motor skills while sewing the vest pieces with safe, plastic sewing needles. Pre-punched holes help guide students. Flip the vest inside out to hide the seams. Includes: 20 (16" x 16") frames, 6 plastic sewing needles, and an idea guide.
  • 5" x 7" Cardstock Picture Frames (Set of 20)
    5" x 7" Cardstock Picture Frames (Set of 20)
    • Item Number: 11351
    • In Stock
    Gold details on these beautiful cardstock frames make every photograph special. Frames measure 6"W x 7 1/2"H and will hold a 5" x 7" photograph (window size is 3" x 4 1/2"). Vertical frame only with self easel on back. Set of 20.
  • Classic Crafts Activity Box
    Classic Crafts Activity Box
    • Item Number: 141846
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    3 years & up. Let imagination and creativity soar! This extensive craft assortment is a great set to have around for creativity at any time. The box includes Wax Works™, wiggle eyes, chenille stems, pom-pons, craft hair fluffs, glitter glue pens, craft sticks, sequins, and spangles.
  • Xoomy® Cartoon Travel Projector
    Xoomy® Cartoon Travel Projector
    • Item Number: 142299
    • In Stock
    7 years & up. A fun, portable drawing kit! Budding illustrators can copy cartoon faces, monsters, animals, and geometric shaped art designs onto paper. Zoom in on each design and mix and match them. Choose one of the circular images, place it on the zoom lamp mount, turn on the light, adjust the magnification, and draw. When finished, pack everything away in the case and take it wherever you go. Set includes: child-friendly drawing case with powerful zoom lamp, sun shield, 20 design foils, 10… More »
  • Craft Tastic Pom Pom Craft Kit
    Craft Tastic Pom Pom Craft Kit
    • Item Number: 142947
    • In Stock
    8 years & up. Get creative with the Pom Pom Kit! Thanks to the nifty bamboo tool, 20 pom poms can be created all at once! Create scarves, garlands, and much more. Set includes 24" pom pom tool, yarn and an instruction guide. Measures 10" L x 2" W x 10" H.
  • Play-Doh® Fun Factory - Classic Style
    Play-Doh® Fun Factory - Classic Style
    • Item Number: 145038
    • In Stock
    3 - 8 years. Children have enjoyed playing with Play-Doh® for generations! This Play-Doh® Fun Factory is shaped like an actual factory building and uses Play-Doh® to create fun and functional shapes. Load the Play-Doh® into the factory, push the handle, and watch as your Play-Doh® comes out looking like spaghetti noodles or I-beams for constructing buildings! This Play-Doh® Fun Factory features a built-in storage tray which holds all of interchangeable shape plates when not… More »
  • Ingenio Dora Trace & Learn Projector
    Ingenio Dora Trace & Learn Projector
    • Item Number: 143975
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Pop in a disk, dim the lights and draw! Children can choose from 40 fun images such as the alphabet, numbers, Dora, Dora's friends and more! Trace and color as many times as you wish. Image size is adjustable to suit the child's developing fine motor skills. Includes long-life LED bulb that stays cool to the touch, pencil/crayon holders, and five disks. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Crayons not included.
  • Travel Spirograph®
    Travel Spirograph®
    • Item Number: 143618
    • In Stock
    5 years & up. It's just like the original Spirograph® set, except for the younger artist AND it can easily travel to different places! While sketching, spin the wheel and the image begins to look more advanced. This set is a great way to showcase a child's artistic talent! Includes travel Spirograph® Design Toy with built-in design ring, work surface, storage tray, 6 Spirograph® precision wheels, 2 Spirograph® design pens, 24 page pad, and a sketch guide. Any marker, colored… More »
  • Giant Paint Scrapers (Set of 4)
    Giant Paint Scrapers (Set of 4)
    • Item Number: 70916
    • In Stock
    Engage children's interest and imagination with innovative outdoor art tools. Swirl, stamp, scrape and twirl to create pattern, texture and marks on a grand scale with these oversized scrapers. Perfect for use with paint, water, sand, or even mud! Approximately 22" tall.
  • Wonderfoam® Pattern Rollers Set of 10
    Wonderfoam® Pattern Rollers Set of 10
    • Item Number: 85869
    • In Stock
    3 years & up. Make fun patterns with paint! Roll in paint and roll out on paper. Set of 10 rollers in different patterns. Patterns include stars, happy faces, hands, hearts, butterflys, houses, sqiggles, dots and more.
  • 4" Lowercase Letter Die Cut Set in Zaner Bloser Font
    4" Lowercase Letter Die Cut Set in Zaner Bloser Font
    • Item Number: 87699
    • In Stock
    Add a Lowercase Alphabet Set to match your Capital Letter Set. Alphabet Die Sets are the cornerstone of every Ellison® die library. This set works on the Prestige Pro, Big Shot Pro, RollModel™ and XL Letter Machine. 4" high.
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