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Inspire Ultra, Inspire Plus & Inspire Jr.
Inspire Ultra, Inspire Plus & Inspire Jr.
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$6,195.95 - $7,195.95
More versatile and easy to use than any other interactive device! Packed with software created for teachers, by teachers, and a proven quality that is backed by the best warranty on the market.
Shine-2 Tablet Solution
Shine-2 Tablet Solution
Item: 28922
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The new Shine 2-in-1 Tablet Solution is a versatile Microsoft Windows® 10 touchscreen computer. When you put the Shine 2-in-1 Tablet in students' hands, you've begun a process that will forever change their lives and their teachers' lives as well. This Tablet gives students unprecedented access to educational materials, while also making it fun to engage in deeper scientific exploration and more in new and exciting ways. Tablet now comes loaded with our Kaplan Exclusive Software. Features: 11.6"… More »
Obie Floor Projection
Obie Floor Projection
Item: 37060
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All ages. Meet Obie, the next level of interactive play. Discover games for kids of all ages to play, replay, and come back for more. Children are actively learning while being physically engaged promoting a healthy, active life style for the brain and body. Kaplan Early Learning Company has pre-selected dozens of energizing, popular games to challenge your early learner in areas such as literacy, gross motors skills, math skills, science, music, and more. Bring new excitement to classroom with… More »