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Image of 10" Flying Beanbags - Set of 6
10" Flying Beanbags - Set of 6
Item: 34266
Status: In Stock
These lightweight beanbags easily soar through the sky, weighing only 1 pound each. The nylon fabric is soft and colorful, and each of the six beanbags are a length of 10 inches. Learn and practice throwing and catching skills with these beanbags. The shape of the bag is perfect for small hands to grasp and throw, strengthening fine motor skills and muscle tone. Includes 6 beanbags. Colors: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red.
Image of Bean Bag Activities CD
Bean Bag Activities CD
Item: 47887
Status: In Stock
3 years & up. Get your children moving with this exciting beanbag activities CD. These activities develop gross motor functions, balance, and hand-eye coordination. This CD includes games, dances, and controlled activities. Ensure your children have enough space to move around before beginning. Teachers guide included.
Image of Bean Bag Boogie CD With The Learning Station
Bean Bag Boogie CD With The Learning Station
Item: 30679
Status: In Stock
4 years & up. Creative beanbag activities, zany motor skill fun, and upbeat music and songs by The Learning Station, will motivate kids to improve their coordination, body identification, balance and listening skills. Bean Bag Hop, Bean Bag Toss, Bean Bag Disappear are just some of the activities that make this CD valuable and exciting.
Image of Bilingual Number Beanbags - Set of 10
Bilingual Number Beanbags - Set of 10
Item: 46494
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
All ages. Teach your children to count in English and Spanish with these durable beanbags. This set of beanbags is great for combining gross motor skills and language skills. Encourage your children to identify the colors of the bag and the numbers featured. Includes 10 beanbags from 1 to 10 in 8 colors. Measures 4"L x 4"W.
Image of Rainbow Beanbags
Rainbow Beanbags
Item: 63051
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
5 years & up. Learn to sort by color and shape, create exciting games of toss, and more! These classic beanbags make a great addition to any play room or classroom. Use the included list of suggested activities to help your kids learn and grow through beanbag play and more. Included: 6 colorful beanbags, storage container, and suggested activities.