One Year Subscription
Profile Planner

The ProFile Planner is an online lesson planner for teachers and administrators. It provides a digital content library of 10,000+ resources including activities, apps, books, music, and videos, integrated into an easy-to-use online curriculum planning service. Educators can combine the functionality of a planner with the convenience of the web.

Features Include:

  • Personalized lesson calendar
  • Build custom daily templates
  • Access to activities in select Gryphon House activity plan ebooks
  • Drag & drop ability to assign pre-loaded activities to routines
  • Ability to build music track library tied to lessons
  • Powerful search engine
  • Communication with parents and directors
  • Sync daily plans with external devices (in development)
  • Carry lesson plan over from year-to-year
  • Ability to build music track library tied to lessons (see About iShop Feature for more info)
  • Kaplan Exclusive
  • Volume Discounting Available