Galaxy Tablet A 8.0" 32GB - Wi-Fi

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Kaplan Elementary

Safe. Fun. Student-Friendly.

Kids Mode gives parents and teachers peace of mind while providing a colorful, engaging place for students to play. Easily manage what your students can access and how long they spend using it, all while keeping your own documents private. Available for free from Samsung Galaxy Essentials™, Kids Mode keeps your content—and more importantly, your students—safe and secure.

More To Discover. More To Love.

Smart, customizable and simple-to-use, Android™ OS is designed to work perfectly with all of your Google apps. Whether you want to catch up on emails or engage students with educational apps, you’ll find everything waiting for you as soon as you sign in. And with more than 13.1 million apps available on Google Play™, you can find what you need, whenever you need it.

You can use this tablet to attend virtual meetings such as: GoToMeetings, ezTalks, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Periscope, and more.

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