K'Motion Stool - Set of 3

K'Motion Stool - Set of 3
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3 years - adult. The K-Motion Stool offers a unique and functional option for children and adults who need movement to focus. The stool's convex base allows for discreet motion in all directions and provides a physical outlet for anyone who struggles to sit still. The sturdy, padded base also prevents slipping. Offering K-Motion Stools as an alternative seating option can help channel children's physical energy while reducing attention concerns in the classroom. One of the best features of the K-Motion Stools is the lightweight, durable body that allows for easy transport around the classroom. Several seating heights and colors to choose from!

Weight limit 250 lbs.

Uses for Flexible Seating in the Classroom→

Read this Insights and Inspirations article for information on how you can use flexible seating options to create an engaging learning environment for children.

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12" K'Motion Stool - Black - Set of 3$0.00$93.00
12" K'Motion Stool - Green - Set of 3$0.00$93.00
12" K'Motion Stool - Red - Set of 3$0.00$93.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Black - Set of 3$0.00$117.00
15" K'Motion Stool - Gray-Blue - Set of 3$0.00$117.00
20" K'Motion Stool - Black - Set of 3$0.00$138.00
20" K'Motion Stool Set - Green$0.00$138.00
20" K'Motion Stool Set - Red$0.00$132.00

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