Letter Formation Software for Large Screens and Tablets

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$20.95 - $32.95
Kaplan Exclusive Kaplan Elementary

Learning to form lowercase letters consistently and accurately is an important step to developing fluent handwriting. This absorbing and innovative app/software is a fantastic way to help children develop these skills. 

Choose a letter, hear its sound, watch a helpful creature draw it in the sand, and hear the letter name. Now try to draw the letters in its tracks, watching your trail form as you do so.

Choose a new letter or select the tide to come in and sweep away your attempt and try again. Teacher options provide the facility to select what the users hears and what letters students can access for more focused work.

App/software will run on all devices Windows 7 or later. App/software is available on tablets and whiteboards, allowing for individual or group use.

After purchase, an access code will be sent via email; the software can then be downloaded directly onto the device.

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