Infant Enrichment Classroom Duffle

Infant Enrichment Classroom Duffle
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Kaplan Exclusive

Infant Enrichment

Birth - 12 months. Specific skills are developed and paired with materials to teach children ages 0-12 months of age. This duffle encourages interaction between caregivers and the child, building the early foundation to prepare the little ones for the next stage of learning. 

Classroom duffles include a clear container for easy storage and a duffle for transporting between centers and small groups. Activities are easy to implement in lesson plans, encourage engagement and individual instruction, build connections with families, and help understand a child's progress. Activities are created based on scientific research by developmental experts in various fields of study.

Classroom Duffle Kits Include:

  • Developmentally appropriate materials
  • Clear container for easy storage
  • Duffle bag for easy movement around classroom
  • Activity cards created by child development experts


*Please note: Kit components may change occasionally due to availability. We will substitute developmentally appropriate items for the purpose for which they were intended.

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