Walk 'N Roll Push Toy

Walk 'N Roll Push Toy
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Eco Friendly

18 months & up. Children will be fascinated by the sounds the clacking wooden balls create as they walk at different speeds.

Great walking toy

5 stars
We bought this for my son's first birthday and he loves it. It makes a pleasant, yet loud, clacking sound when in use, so if you don't like loud noises, this isn't for your home. Even though my son isn't quite walking yet (he takes a few steps and plops down), he happily plays with this sitting down. My older children, ages 5 and 3 pretend it's a vacuum and a lawn mower, so they get enjoyment out of it too. It's a high quality toy that I'll be able to save for my grandchildren and pass onto my son when he has kids of his own. This would make a great gift.

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