Flexi-Felt™ Swivel Silence Sliders

Flexi-Felt™ Swivel Silence Sliders
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Kaplan Elementary

Keep the noise level down from hearing the chairs slide across the floor with our foot covers for your chairs. They protect your floor and reduces noise. They fit 1.25" diameter high angle swivel glides and are easy to install. Available in a set of 4 sliders for one chair or a set of 80 sliders for 20 chairs.


5 stars
I bought The FLexi-Felt swivel glides for chairs in a daycare. We had been using tennis balls and they were looking sad and getting very dirty. A friend told me about them and I found them on the internet. I ordered enough for 25 tables and chairs and then received a catalog from Kaplans and they were cheaper in the catalog than the first purchase so I ordered 25 more sets. I don't know how we have lived without them for so long. # 1 they look better than the alien chairs with the yellow balls and they do keep the noise level down. We just had new flooring put down and they really do complete the look for the entire room. Wish we could have had them sooner but am glad we have them now.


5 stars
My janitors and teachers love the Flexi-Felt Swivel Silence Sliders. They are easy to put on the bottom of the chairs and last for several years. We have been using them for the last 4-5 years and haven't replaced any yet. With 550 students, that is an accomplishment. Tennis balls are ugly and don't last long. Sliders look like they belong and they are strudy.

Quiet furniture moving at last!

5 stars
We have to move our tables a lot in the preschool and these have made both moving the tables and the noise level very tolerable. They are a little pricey, but worth it for your peace of mind.

Great solution to a messy problem!

5 stars
This is a great product! Our floors were getting scuff and rust stains from our tables. These sliders have made a world of difference! We're now ordering then for all of our classrooms!

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