Build and Learn Kit

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3 years & up. This Build and Learn Kit consists of five sets that will help children build on their eye and hand coordination skills from lacing, connecting, matching, and snapping. Each set of manipulatives are stored in its own sturdy, stackable plastic container that measures 12"L x 7"W x 6"H.

Kits include:

  • Nuts and Bolts (72 Pieces) - Easy to grip nuts and bolts are fun to connect -- just match them up by color and shape, then twist them together! Bolts are approximately 2.5".
  • Magic Connectors (90 Pieces) - Watch as children snap together straight, angled lines. There are 75 connectors, 6 wheels, and 9 spokes in bright colors allowing for creating fun, free-form designs and even letter shapes! Longest is 3".
  • Clip Stick & Connectors (460 Pieces) - From simple designs to more engineering marvels, these simple sticks connect from end to end or along any side.
  • Star Puzzle (480 Pieces) - Connect these bright stars together from any direction and build with success!
  • Jumbo Lacing Beads (360 Pieces) - Jumbo-sized beads are just the right size for small hands and they're made of unbreakable plastic, so they'll stand up to years in the classroom. They have extra-big holes for no-fail stringing. Round bead measures is .75".

Great Manipulatives!

5 stars
These hands on manipulatives have been a great addition to our classroom! They added a variety to our play, are very durable, and easy for everyone to use.

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