A to Z Mysteries Set 1 - Set of 9

A to Z Mysteries Set 1 - Set of 9
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Kaplan Exclusive Kaplan Elementary

Grades 2 - 4. Reading Levels: N-O. Besides solving crimes and capers in their hometown of Green Lawn, Connecticut, Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose also go to exciting places like a deadly dungeon, and an invisible island. From A to I, students will enjoy unraveling these mysteries along with this terrific trio! 9 books.

Titles include:

  • The Absent Author
  • The Bald Bandit
  • February Friend
  • The Deadly Dungeon
  • The Empty Envelope
  • The Falcon's Feathers
  • The Goose's Gold
  • The Haunted Hotel
  • The Invisible Island

Please note: Not all letters of the alphabet are represented in this book set, we may substitute a book if a title becomes unavailable.

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