Themes for Inclusive Classrooms

Themes for Inclusive Classrooms
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This is the perfect book for teachers who have typically developing young children ages 3-6, as well as children with special needs in their classroom. Lesson plans feature objectives, materials list, a circle or group activity, assessment strategies, accommodations/modifications, and curriculum connections that expand into many areas, such as social studies, art, literacy, science, and music. The modifications and accommodations make the lesson plans accessible for all children, including those with: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Speech, Language, Hearing Visua and Othopedicl impairments, ADHD, Cognitive and/or developmental delays, and Emotional disturbances.

Creating Inclusive Lesson Plans→

Adapting Classroom Environments for Young Children with Special Needs→

Discover how you can create an inclusive learning environment for all of the children in your care with these Insights and Inspirations articles.

Ratings & Reviews

Great Addition to your Resource Library

May 20, 2010
From NC
Role Child Care Director/Owner
Setting Child Care Center
Age Infant/Toddler
This is a great resources for any center that serves children with special needs. It gives you tips and ideas to include all children in all activities regardless of their abilities.
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