Sensory Mat 45" x 58"

Sensory Mat 45" x 58"
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Keep the mess of sand and water from off the floor. This mat is made of a soft absorbent 100% polyester fabric that will absorb spills. Sand and water is trapped between the fabric and the bonded backing to prevent soak through. Non-slid backing also provides a firm footing. The mat is stain resistant, dries quickly and machine washable and dryable.

Towels work better

1 stars
The teacher before me had this mat and never used it. I understood completely less than a day after putting it down. The first problem I have with it is that it looks aweful. It looks like I put a piece of felt on the floor. The second problem I have is that it's too tough to clean up. It can't be vacuumed because it gets sucked in, but sweeping it does not work well either. The third problem I have is that it is constantly moving when the kids step on it. My sand and water tables travel about 1 foot in each direction daily. Maybe if I used it for the water table only I'd feel differently about this product, but it does not work in my pre-k classroom.

Works. Barely.

3 stars
We use this under our sensory table when we fill it with water. It absorbs the water, but to a point. It still squishes under your feet, and the water is then tracked around the classroom. So it's better than a bare floor, but did not reach my expectations for an absorbent water mat for a twos classroom. When you lift it up, the floor is damp underneath so you still have to wipe it up, and the water will run off the mat if you are not careful where you put it after. Plus it's HUGE, and we do not have immediate outside access where it would be an ideal place to put it to dry.

Personally, I was not impressed with the look of this product.

2 stars
Having something underneath the sensory tables in my toddler program is better than nothing, but I am concerned that the mats we purchased were too flimsy. I was looking for something a little thicker and heavier. On a good note, I like that you can wash them and hang them out to dry.

1 stars
It looks like felt and everything sticks on it. You can vacuum it and 5 minutes later it has all kinds of stuff on it.

Excellent Product

5 stars
I bought this mat to put under the water table in the preschool room. It is amazing! The kids splash and the mat absorbs it. The carpet stays dry underneath. We simply throw it over a railing to dry it out when they are done playing. We machine washed it and it still absorbs as well as before the wash.

Sensory mat has multiple uses

4 stars
I purchased a sensory mat to use with my water table inside. It stays in place well, is a nice size, and dries quickly. In addition over the summer, while I don't need a mat under our outside water table, I've been using it to put down on the ground for our infants to sit on as they play on the grass. It's roomy and soft, and the waterproof backing is ideal.

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