Play House Cube

Play House Cube
Play House Cube
Soft Blue Floor Mat
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ASTM International Forest Stewardship Council California Air Resources Board Compliant
Kaplan Exclusive

The Play House Cube made of Carolina Birch plywood provides children a quiet, comfy space to relax and reflect. This six-sided cube features three circular openings, two solid sides, and an open bottom. Minor assembly required. Cube measures 30.5"W x 29.5"H x 29"D. The mat measures 27.5"L x 26"W x 1"H. Cube and mat are sold separately. Clean with mild soap and water. Do not use cleansers, bleach, etc.

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Play House Cube$26.00$101.00
Soft Blue Floor Mat$0.00$40.00

Play house cube

3 stars
my only issue with this was putting it together, holes weren't aligned well and screws were too long, it was nearly impossibe to get them screwed down tight

Inconsistent product

3 stars
I bought a playhouse cube last year and was very happy with the purchase, so I bought a second one so more kids could enjoy at the same time. The second one I received was from a different manufacturer (both ordered through kaplan) and the screw holes did not line up. Some guide holes were not even drilled, so it needed more assembly than I was anticipating. Due to the pieces being improperly sized, there were some exposed screws, and some that I was not able to use. I am disappointed with the inconsistency of the product, and I am a little hesitant to make large purchases in the future. Other than this experience I have always felt Kaplan products were a good value.

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