Polyblox Totems™ Sets

Polyblox Totems™ Sets
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Polyblox Totems™ is the ultimate spelling experience! Sensory. Smart. Learning.

3 years & up. Polyblox Totems™ are the new classic ABC blocks. This high-quality collection of wooden, engraved spelling totems represent uppercase and lowercase letters, American Sign Language, braille, and geometric shapes, along with correlating numbers and pictures to provide sequencing reference and reading context. Available in a 14-piece Starter Set and a 28-piece Classroom Set.


  • Laser etched set of wood spelling totems is the ultimate spelling experience!
  • Each totem includes letters, pictures, braille, ASL, and a number
  • Letter recognition and vowel differentiation by color
  • Visual clues and letters in word context
  • Braille/American Sign Language - respect for literacy diversity
  • Cultural insight and enrichment
  • Numbers help with sequencing
  • EdGate ceritified (meets all U.S. Teaching Standards) for STEAM/Socio-Emotional Learning
  • Great for all ages and the ideal learning tool for Pre-K- 2nd grade
  • Encourages Diversity and Socio-Emotional Skills, perfect for Homeschoolers
  • Tangible wooden set is a manipulative for sensory engagement
  • One set of 14 blocks = 150,000+ words (complete list available in free mobile app through GooglePlay and App Store)



Suggested Activities:

Using the list of words below, can you spell these words with the Ployblox Totems™?

  • How many vowels are in these words?
  • Point to the lowercase letters.

 Apple  Egg  Igloo  Moose  Quarter  Umbrella  Yak
 Bird  Fish  Jug  Nose  Rhino  Violin  Zebra
 Cat  Gift  Kite  Octopus  Swan  Whale  
 Dolphin  Horse  Llama  Porcupine  Tiger  X Ray

Discuss and Explore Learning Differences (using Braille/Sign Language).

Find these shapes ( on the bottom of the totems):

 Moon  Heart  Triangle

Name the animals on these totems and answer the following questions:

  1. Where do they live?
  2. What do they eat?
  3. Are they land or sea animals?

Spell Porcupine and then put the letters in ABC order by using the numbers.


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