Shape Sort & Lace

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18 months & up. This Shape Sort and Lace features an array of colorful tactile beads that easily thread through the lace. This unique toy helps to build confidence while supporting the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The texture of the pieces also provides sensory development. Encourage children to identify the colors of the pieces and create their own patterns. Included: 12 Jumbo Beads and Lacing String.

Not great for toddlers

1 stars
The blocks are hollow and it makes it difficult to string and unstring. You have to find the hole on both ends of the bead in order to get the string through (which is fine for us older people, but an 18 month old will get frustrated). This feature also made it difficult to unstring as the hole in the bead and the stick are the same size - we keep catching the lip around the hole in the bead and couldn't get the stick through. Had to reverse string to get the beads off. The stick on the end of the string was wider on the bottom end than the top and that made the beads stick and had to be pushed down hard to get on the the string. We ended up returning this product, as we feel it would not work well in our infant/toddler classroom.

Good hand/eye, tactile and organization

4 stars
These are great for little hands to begin learning lacing skills but also different shapes and textures. I think they are very appropriate for various ages. Little ones for the different textures and handling shapes. Toddlers for learning shapes and beginning to be able to lace. Older preschool to do patterning.

1 stars
The beads are VERY difficult to remove from the string.

Great product!

5 stars
This is a great product! The beads are very colorful and easy to handle. The only problem we had was that the beads did not fit well onto the end peg that was used for lacing the beads. It was very tight fitting and was hard for the children to maneuver onto the string.

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