Around the World Dolls - Set of 8

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18 months & up. Children can engage in a historic cultural journey while playing with the eight Around the World Dolls. Dolls measure 5" high.

The eight figures represent four males and four females dressed in traditional clothing from the following cultures:

  • Dutch
  • African
  • Native American
  • Indian
  • American
  • Chinese
  • Hispanic

Dutch (girl) - The Netherlands has 14 provinces each having its own traditional dress. The most commonly recognized is from Volendam, Holland and consists of a winged white hat, a shirt with capped sleeves, long skirts with an apron over it, and wooden clogs referred to as “klompen”.

African (girl) - Wrapper is the most commonly used name for this traditional female dress. The level of formality for the wrapper is dependent on the type of fabric used. The gele is the artistically placed head wrap worn along with the wrapper.

African (boy) - The dashiki is a colorful garment that is loose fitting with a “V” shaped collar. It has many versions from informal to formal and can be solid color, multicolor, or patterned. It is often paired with the kufi: a brimless, round cap.

Native American (boy) - Native American clothing was typically made from animal hides. Deer, buffalo and bison were hunted for their meat and their skin was used for clothing.

Indian (girl) - Indian women traditionally wore a garment called a sari. A sari is a five to nine yard length of woven fabric that is wrapped and draped around the body. There are over 80 known ways to wear a sari.

American (boy) - Cowboys wore brimmed hats to protect them from the sun. A scarf was worn to shield them from dust and absorb sweat. Denim pants were worn because the fabric is durable and breathable.

Chinese (boy) - The Chinese Boy is dressed in a traditional garment referred to as a changshan or changpao. The changshan was typically a more formal garment worn for pictures, weddings, and events.

Hispanic (girl) - The brightly colored dress worn by Hispanic women as a costume while dancing is called the farales dress and is casually referred to as the flamenco dress.

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