Wooden Block Balance

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3 years & up. This 17-piece wooden set is ideal for hands-on STEM experiences. Cubes, rectangles, notched squares, and a curved balance board provide endless opportunities for child-guided exploration and experimentation.

When children engage with the Wooden Block Balance, they obtain the following early STEM based skills:

  • Spatial sense: introducing the ideas of shape, size, space, position, direction and movement
  • Estimation: the ability to make a good guess about the amount of something. Problem solving: the ability to think through a problem, to recognize there is more than one path to the answer. It means using past knowledge and logical thinking skills to find an answer.
  • Utilize concepts of none, more, less, most, smaller, smallest, bigger, biggest.
  • Reasoning: drawing conclusions with logic and existing facts.
  • Probability: understanding the likelihood or chance that something will happen.

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