Jellyfish Seating

Jellyfish Seating
Jellyfish Jr. - Preschool Child - 12" Seating Height
Jellyfish Jr. - Preschool Child - 12" Seating HeightAlternate Image #2 of Jellyfish Jr. - Preschool Child - 12" Seating Height Alternate Image #3 of Jellyfish Jr. - Preschool Child - 12" Seating Height
Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating Height
Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating HeightAlternate Image #2 of Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating Height Alternate Image #3 of Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating Height Alternate Image #4 of Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating Height
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Playful seating option that fits in every area of the classroom!

The Jellyfish blends movement with modern design to create a comfortable yet active sitting experience. Design and movement have been combined to create classroom seating for children whose sensory systems are still developing.

Vibrant Blue Jellyfish Jr. for Preschool children measures 12” high with a weight limit of 198 lbs. (3-5 years)

Bright Red Jellyfish (Adult) measures 20” high with a weight limit of 485 lbs.

The Jelly fish Jr. channels physical energy in a positive way and provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Spinal alignment
  • Engaged body, engaged brain
  • Satisfies children’s innate need for movement
  • Increased alertness and attention for kinesthetic learners
  • Improves posture allowing more blood to flow to the brain
  • Fidgety children can direct their excess energy into staying balanced

The Adult Jellyfish offers teachers the opportunity to invite children to gather close for circle time and group reading experiences or comfortably engage in art activities and mealtime at any classroom table. The versatility and convenience of this seating option make it a must for all child care professionals.

The innovative and ergonomic Jellyfish, offering a strong metal frame and PVC ball covered in soft, washable spandex, is the future of classroom seating!


  • Hand Air Pump
  • Tape Measure to allow for proper inflation
  • Instructions for easy assembly

Uses for Flexible Seating in the Classroom→

Read this Insights and Inspirations article for information on how you can use flexible seating options to create an engaging learning environment for children.

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Jellyfish - Adult - 20" Seating Height$0.00$34.00

Something New - Adult Jellyfish

5 stars
My fifth grade students like the Adult Jellyfish because is does provide them with a little more stability than a regular stability ball. They are able to learn how control their bounce and wiggle without distracting others.

Not what I expected

2 stars
I ordered these through DonorsChoose. When I looked at them online, I saw the measurements but apparently did not give it enough attention. In the picture, it shows a normal sized child sitting in it. When I received them, I was completely disappointed because they are incredibly small and do not fit with my tables at all. I even lowered my table and it still does not work. I went back and watched the video to then see that they have preschoolers using it. I feel that the picture online is deceiving. It looks like I would need to order the adult chair in order to fit a regular sized child. I am really sad because I can't use these in my classroom and I would now have to pay out of my pocket to return and exchange.

Very cool.....confusing instructions

4 stars
Very cool product and my students love it. It did come with 2 sets of instructions......with 2 different suggestions for how big to inflate the ball, and one said just to put little rubber feet on, one said to put plastic caps on.A little confusing and I had no idea which to go with. I made it work and my students love it, now.It's pretty small......I can't imagine students beyond Kindergarten using it.

Jellyfish chair

1 stars
This chair is not worth the money. It is just a ball with cloth around it. I found a ball like this on amazon for $19.95. The balls will not blow up properly and are too soft and not firm like they are suppose to be. I bought 4 chairs and they are all blowing up differently. I put them together the same way. I would not buy this product again.

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