Emotion Floor Cushions - Set of 6

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Kaplan Elementary

3 years & up. Each brightly colored cushion is printed with facial expressions to encourage children to identify and express their emotions. Children can sit on different cushions throughout the day or week to define their emotions. These Social Emotional Cushions are made of durable wipe clean vinyl. Set of six cushions. Each cushion measures 16" diameter.

Emotion Floor Cushions are a Hit!

4 stars
I used the Emotion Floor Cushions with my Kindergarten and First Grade classes after we read the book "Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes. The students used the Cushions to discuss the emotions in the book. The Cushions made it easy to start a conversation and easy to keep it going. An added bonus: if the students didn't have just the right word to express what they wanted to express, the expressions on the Cushions made everything clear! The students loved using them!

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