Back to Back Learning Kit - Counting & Correspondence

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3 years & up. Counting is more than reciting numbers that have been memorized in sequence. This kit and the related activities will help develop an understanding that numbers represent sets of objects, and that each number matches one object in a set. Being able to match, or pair, items one-to-one is an important concept for math readiness. Includes hands-on manipulatives, books, and a selection of related activities to optimize the learning experience. Supports parent involvement and early learning through a variety of interactive and engaging activities. An ideal way for teachers and families to enrich children's learning experiences together -- back to back! Each kit includes a clear vinyl backpack and bilingual activity cards.


  • Perro Grande… Perro Pequeno / Big Dog… Little Dog Paperback Book – a bilingual book about measuring
  • Counting Tree - children will grasp concepts of numerical value when they count the numbers of leaves and place them on the tree branches
  • Activity Cards
  • Clear Backpack features two pockets with zippered closures and adjustable shoulder straps

*Note: Components may change occasionally due to availability. We will only substitute developmentally appropriate items for the purpose for which they were intended.

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