Fish N' Spell Alphabet Letter Recognition & Motor Skills Fishing Game

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3 years & up. Toss the letters into the water and let the fishing begin! Grab your rod, attach the bait, cast the line, and see what you will catch. Learn the alphabet as you reel in each letter and practice forming words. This engaging Fish N' Spell set encourages hand-eye coordination development, creativity, teamwork, and language and spelling skills. Bait and letters are made of foam that sticks together when wet. Ideal for individual or group play. Included: 4 Rods, 4 Large Baits, 4 Small Baits, 103 Colorful Letters, and 8 Fishing Lines.

Great Buy!

5 stars
What a FUN learning tool for kids. I can't wait to get this game out and share it with my students. It is not only fun but it is a great learning tool as well.

Loved, the fish and spell.

5 stars
As soon as the children saw the colorful design on the box and the fishing poles they wanted to play. they noticed it was new on the shelf of the sensory table. It is hard to fun items for the water table for Preschool age children.