Cuban Playground CD

Cuban Playground CD
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Children will love this fun selection of songs from one of the world's most musical countries. Cuba is an island country in the Caribbean Sea located about 90 miles from Florida. Cuba is known for many things, including its historical buildings, antique cars and most of all, its music!

Track Listing:

  1. Cubanisimo - El Bodeguero
  2. Adonis Puentes - Tumbando Mangos
  3. La Familia Valera Miranda - El Empanadillero
  4. Ignacio Carrillo "Mazacote" - Pico y Pala
  5. Laritza Bacallao - El Buey Cansao
  6. Las Ondas Marteles - Rima Caribeña
  7. Jose Conde - Elefante en Hotel 
  8. Pedro Luis Ferrer - Cachimbiao Caramelo
  9. Havana Mambo - La Mecaniquita             
  10. Ska Cubano - Loca Rumba


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