STEM Activity Set Classroom Bundle

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Kaplan Elementary

Grades K & up. Get your youngest students engaged in STEM learning! Designed for kindergarten students and older, each set includes all materials needed plus activity cards and a comprehensive teacher's guide. Includes four STEM sets: Force & Motion, Magnets, Simple Machines, and Sink or Float.

Force & Motion - Discover the science of motion through scientific exploration with colorful, engaging tools and hands-on activities. Explore the science of “how things go” as you conduct investigations, solve problems, and explore early engineering. Learn about key science concepts of gravity, inertia, friction, push/pull, and more!

Magnets - Attract early learners to the wonders of magnetism! Durable, playful magnets in a variety of shapes engage children as they explore magnetism, polarity, and magnetic attraction and repulsion.

Simple Machines - Introduce and explore all 6 simple machines as you make amazing discoveries, design solutions for real-world problems, and conduct your own investigations

Sink or Float - Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way with this two-piece submarine and floating raft along with weights, balls, and stars to bring investigations to life. Learn about key science concepts of buoyancy, density, and more!

STEM Activity Set

3 stars
The set was okay a little flismy and kids did not have too much excitement playing with these sets. We haven't tried the magnets yet. some of it looked cheaply made. I really expected more.

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