TAG You're It! - Yearlong Parent Engagement Initiative - Grades K - 5

TAG You're It! - Yearlong Parent Engagement Initiative - Grades K - 5
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Yearlong Parent Engagement Initiative

The TAG You're It! kits allow schools to easily keep parents engaged in their child's literacy development all year long. Throughout the year, teachers choose a fiction or informational text TAG You're It! card to send home to parents that correlates with classroom instruction. Families then incorporate the parent-friendly literacy strategy described on the TAG card into nightly reading practice at home.


  • Easily incorporates into classroom assigned nightly reading
  • Allows for differentiated instruction on parent level
  • Does not require parent to have read the book
  • Develops “close reading”
  • Gives parent-friendly definitions of all educational terms
  • Allows schools to have on-going contact to the homes throughout the year versus one time event
  • Doesn’t require parent to come to school

Components Include:

  • TAG You're It! Program CD Kick-Off Video
  • Classroom Set of Literacy TAG cards in English and Spanish (25 sets of 8)
  • Classroom Set of Header TAG cards in English and Spanish (1 set of 25)
  • Yearlong Reminder Blurbs to use on newsletters, emails, social media, automated phone systems, etc.
  • 25 Loose Leaf Metal Rings

Learning® Magazine 2016 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family

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