Leveled Library Resolving Conflicts - Grade 2

Leveled Library Resolving Conflicts - Grade 2
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Grade 2. Guided reading Level G-N. This leveled library is a powerful, flexible platform that drives standards-based, small-group, and differentiated reading instruction. This leveled reading program fits into any reading framework and provides the scaffolded support students need to advance their reading levels and meet the rigor of the State Standards. This set contains one six-pack for each of the 24 titles that address the central question "How can we resolve conflicts when others seem more powerful?"

Book Titles (Set includes 6 of each title):

  • Level G: The Lion and the Mouse
  • Level G: The Baker and His Neighbor: A Folktale From Peru
  • Level G: Julie's Mess
  • Level H: Let Me Help
  • Level H: Stand Up, Speak Up
  • Level H: The New Kid
  • Level I: Cinderella: A Folktale From France
  • Level I: The Hare and the Tortoise: An Aesop Fable
  • Level I: The Tug-of-War: A Folktale From Africa
  • Level J: Billy and The Bully
  • Level J: No, Thanks
  • Level J: Trust Yourself
  • Level K: The New Boy
  • Level K: Blue Boat, Green Boat
  • Level K: The Field
  • Level L: Eleanor Roosevelt: Proud and Tall
  • Level L: It's OK To Be Me
  • Level L: Rebecca Lee Crumpler
  • Level M: Gandhi
  • Level M: Pushing Back
  • Level M: Share Day
  • Level N: No More Bullies
  • Level N: Let It Roll
  • Level N: What's the Big Idea? The Story of Thomas Edison

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