Classroom Leveled Library Books - Level U - Set of 29

Classroom Leveled Library Books - Level U - Set of 29
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Level U (29 Books)

Put the best literature in the hands of your students with this Kaplan Leveled Classroom Library! Each title is hand selected with the consultation of a literacy expert. This collection is balanced to contain fiction, non-fiction, biography, poetry, wordless, and historical fiction titles. Set includes a storage bin and 29 paperback titles.

Note: If a book in the set becomes unavailable, a suitable substitute may be found as a replacement to complete the set.

Titles Include:

  • The Gollywhopper Games
  • The Night of Twisters
  • The Magician's Elephant
  • Ninja Librarians: The Accidental Keyhand
  • The Treasure Chest: #1 Angel of the Battlefield
  • Deep And Dark And Dangerous
  • Number the Stars
  • A Single Shard
  • On the Blue Comet
  • The Tarantula Scientist
  • TRAVELING MAN: The Journey of Ibn Battuta 1325-1354
  • The Wildlife Detectives: How Forensic Scientists Solve Crimes Against Nature
  • neighborhood Odes
  • Good Question: Did It All Start with a Snowball Fight?
  • Chasing the World's Most Dangerous Storms
  • The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle
  • The Great Depression
  • The Jamestown Colony
  • Gravity
  • Good Question: Why Did The Whole World Go To War?
  • What Did the Ancient Egyptians Do for Me?
  • The Real Story on the Weapons and Battles of Colonial America
  • What Do We Know About Stars and Galaxies?
  • Discovering Lost Cities and Pirate Gold
  • Robin Hood
  • Tuesday
  • Delivering Justice

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