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mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits

mathSHAPES: go figure! Take Home Kits
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Kaplan Exclusive

mathSHAPES: go figure!

Grades 1 - 5. An engaging math tutorial program for children in grades one through five.

The GO FIGURE Approach!

We all want our children to be happy, successful, well-rounded people. With that in mind, our mission is to help parents and children think, explain and write mathematically. Our program is specifically designed to build your child's confidence and ensure his or her success in math.

We know that math can be fun, interesting and mastered together!

Why it works:

  • The key to math success is to understand the relationship between a math concept and its application in real life. This is an essential step in learning mathematics.
  • The mathSHAPES: go figure! approach aims to strengthen student's understanding of math by revisiting mastered skills and building upon them in a new context with increased sophistication.
  • Kids achieve when parents are involved. This program is designed to empower parents to be resources for their children.
  • All children are unique. mathSHAPES: go figure! is designed to meet them at their level. Multiple learning styles are used to help all children succeed.

Each grade level program consists of the following components:

  • The Resource Book: contains activities for an entire year that enrich the skills taught at each grade level.
  • The Parents'/Tutor's Resource Guide: contains extensive explanations for each problem and suggestions to enhance the problem.
  • Manipulatives: grade appropriate tactile items such as dominoes, cards, hundreds chart, calculator, etc.
  • Classroom Kits: call for information on whole class implementation.

Learning® Magazine 2016 Teachers' Choice Award for the Family

More Information

Grade Level Information

Grade 1

The Grade 1 program is designed to help you and your children develop an awareness of numeric and geometric concepts. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. Each child will gain an appreciation for connecting a written equation with its verbal interpretation. The interactive standards-based activities encourage mathematical thinking. They also produce thoughtful discussions that promote the internalization of mathematical concepts. Along with the basic curriculum, children will identify number patterns, compose and decompose numbers, measure objects, build fraction sense, solve equations, sort and classify, and develop a sense of area and perimeter.

Grade 2

The Grade 2 program is designed to help you and your children connect various ways to display numbers and quantity. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. Each child will have multiple opportunities to create and solve number sentences. Composing and decomposing skills are also applied to basic geometric shapes. Each child will be able to respond to questions in a confident way that maximizes concept internalization. Children will identify numbers using words, a hundreds chart, writing, and base-10 blocks. They will be able to show basic fractions with numbers and shapes. Objects will be measured using standard and non-standard units. Children will become proficient at recording and displaying data.

Grade 3

The Grade 3 program is designed to help you and your children become mathematical thinkers. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. Vocabulary development is a primary focus. Activities can be used in multiple ways to address all learning styles. Children will simplify problems by composing and decomposing numbers. They will create and extend numeric and geometric patterns. There is a great emphasis on discussing, explaining, and writing. Illustrations and vocabulary will be presented as an introduction to division. Pictures, charts, graphs, and tables help students illustrate problems in numeric operations, algebraic thinking, and data analysis.

Grade 4

The Grade 4 program will help you and your children understand the connections between math topics and the real world. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. The problems presented help to strengthen conceptual understanding and to promote their applications. Special emphasis is given to carefully record information and to arrive at reasonable conjectures. Children will become adept at writing numbers in various forms. They will be exposed to “greater than” and “less than” comparisons. They will create algebraic expressions and solve algebraic equations using input/output tables. Geometric terms and basic measurement skills wile b extended to include area and perimeter. All children will be able to choose an appropriate graphing model for displaying a given data set.

Grade 5

The Grade 5 program will help you and your children become comfortable with the underlying principles of mathematics. It offers a full curriculum that is presented using the process standards. The evidence that math exists in everyday life is confirmed. A deeper understanding of number sense is nurtured as a foundation for algebra. The connection between geometric principles and numeric applications is developed. Children will represent numbers in standard, written, and expanded forms. They will solve algebraic equations using the rules of order of operations. Ordered pairs will be placed and moved on a four-quadrant grid. Geometric shapes will be studied as the composition and/or decomposition of basic shapes. Data analysis will include mean, median, mode, max/min points, and range of a data set. Combinations, possible outcomes, and the probability of events will be explored.


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