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KEVA® Contraptions 200 Plank Set

KEVA® Contraptions 200 Plank Set
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Kaplan Elementary

7 years & up. Construct tracks of tunnels, funnels, ramps, and chutes, then set the ball rolling and watch your creation come to life. The open-ended, no rules play promotes experimentation, creativity, and problem solving, which are key mental skills for aspiring young engineers and architects. As children build through trial and error, they gain an early understanding of physics and engineering concepts like balance and structural stability. No glue and no connectors means structures are vulnerable to collapse, but this teaches children to build with care, honoring fine motor skills and dexterity in the process. Set includes: 200 pine planks, 2 KEVA® balls, and an idea booklet.

Ratings & Reviews

Keva Planks

5 stars
We recently added these to our MAKERSPACE and no matter the age, the kids flock to them. They help the creative process as well as cooperation. I love seeing what the different age levels do with them and are inspired to make.

Keva planks are amazing

5 stars
I have been using Keva planks in my classroom for 2 years now. Our school district puts great value on play in the classroom. I teach second grade and my kids LOVE these planks. They are so creative with them! They are always in great demand and so I obtained another set of 200. They are fantastic and open ended. The true building blocks of learning!
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