PreK - K Transition Book: Benjamin Bradley Benton - Paperback

PreK - K Transition Book: Benjamin Bradley Benton - Paperback
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PreK - Kindergarten Transition

PreK - K. This entertaining story about a curious young fellow will delight young children while the enclosed parent guide will support transition into kindergarten by helping parents learn how to use Common Core based strategies every time they read aloud to their preschooler. Paperback.

Helping Kids Transition to Kindergarten→

Discover tips and resources for helping kids make a smooth transition to kindergarten with this article from Kaplan Early Learning Company.

Ratings & Reviews

Benjamin is Awesome!

May 14, 2013
Role Early Childhood Teacher
Setting Elementary School
Age Grades K-1
Teaching techniques for parents and teachers are perfect for emphasizing common core goals. My students love Benjamin!

Wonderful reading to share with your preschooler!

March 3, 2013
From Upstate SC
Role Early Childhood Teacher
Setting Preschool
Age Preschool
How marvelous to wonder about life even if you are a preschooler! Thinking skills abound in this book on many levels. Parents and teachers can help answer questions that kids wonder about and kids can realize by asking questions, we learn - our whole life long! This is an engaging tale of a curious fellow that asks lots of questions about lots of things, pondering what the answers might be.
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