Durable Everyday Safety Vehicles - Set of 10

Durable Everyday Safety Vehicles - Set of 10
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4 years & up. This highly detailed set of diecast safety vehicles will inspire community awareness and are perfectly sized for little hands to hold. 3 inches long. Set of 10.

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Doesn't hold up to the average preschooler

4 stars
I chose this item because of it's familiarity with so many children in my class, but am disappointed with the quality, in particular the quality of the ladder for the fire truck. After one day of play, it is already broken.

These vehicles are not built to withstand many children playing with them, thur resulting in breakage in two days.

1 stars
I am not pleased whatsoever, with my 10 safety vehicles purchase. They were bought for the purpose of being in a block play center, but lasted only two days. The students were so excited to get them, but were soon disappointed at how easy they broke. Most of the wheels came off the minute they pushed them on the rug. Many of them also lost the silver detailing off each vehicle. I would not recommend this product. They are made cheaply, and can't withstand children.

Too easy to break

2 stars
The helicopter broke in half, long ways, after being played with for less than an hour. The firetruck ladder broke off in 5 minutes. The other vehicles are still intact.