Adjustable Pocket Chart Stand

Adjustable Pocket Chart Stand
Item: 47521
Status: Temporarily Out of Stock
Kaplan Elementary

Frame adjusts from 48" to 78" high and from 42" to 77" wide. Use it for multiple pocket charts and chart tablets or extra wide pocket charts. It comes with locking casters and 5 moveable rings. Charts sold separately.

not as sturdy as I would have hoped

4 stars
The assembly of this is easy and quick. One of the poles was pinched at the end so I had to use a leatherman to make the opening round to insert the caster wheel. I don't understand the feature of the top bar extension because the structure isn't strong enough to use it with 2 pocket charts and students using them at the same time. The ability to make the structure taller seems silly as well because at its shortest it is nearly 5 feet tall.

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