Illumination Station

Illumination Station
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3 years & up. Take your sand and light play to the next level. Engage your child's cognitive, social, and sensory development with this innovative tool that transforms a regular sand table and projector into a hands-on learning adventure! Using Augmented Reality technology, the Illumination Station transfers realistic colors and life-like images onto the sand for a mesmerizing sensory experience. Children will learn about geography, topography, seasons, animal habitats, and more as they create new worlds and explore interactive environments. Then, easily switch into engaging physical activities by turning the projector around to reveal the literacy, math, science, music, and more. This play center offers hours of fun with never the same experience. Includes: sand table, projector, light bulb, remote, and sand.


Variety of Activities:

  • Realistic colors and life-like images are projected onto the sand and floor in vivid color to create unique play environments
  • Form mountains, shape islands, and initiate volcanoes
  • Change the world with the movement of your hand
  • Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle for the brain and body
  • Physically challenging activities in math, science, literacy, music, and more


  • Fits through a standard door (measures 51"L x 31"W x 79"H)
  • Easily rolls into the classroom
  • Easily transforms from any wall, table, or floor in an interactive space
  • Projector rotates to transition between sand and floor activities
  • Includes 10 sand activities and 50 floor activities
  • Ships in seven boxes: Obie Floor Projector, table structure, five 25-pound boxes of nontoxic play sand
  • Assembly required





Illumination Station - Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Illumination Station work?

Using state of the art projection and 3D mapping technology, the Illumination Station makes sand appear to transform into a dynamic environment. It uses a depth sensing camera to read the surface of the play area and a projector to alter the play environment in real time as students play within it.

The Illumination Station also converts into a touch-interactive projection that engages students across subject areas such as math, English, science and more.

Can I use it without the sand table?

Absolutely! The electronic hardware can also be used to create a floor or wall projection that allows children to engage in gross motor activities in dozens of experiences.

How does it ship?

The Illumination Station ships in seven boxes: one for the sand table, another for the electronic device and five boxes of sand.

How do I change the applications and activities?

An easy to use remote control is included in each purchase.

Is it hard to assemble?

No. Assembly requires no technical expertise and requires a single tool, which is included.

Do I need any special wiring or electrical plugs?

You do not. Everything that you need is included in the box. The Illumination Station plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Can I move it?

Absolutely. The Illumination Station comes with built-in locking casters that allow for easy movement from room to room. It is also designed to fit through a standard door frame.

Does it require a special type of sand?

It does not. Feel free to use any play sand to replenish what came with your initial order.

Can I use something that isn’t regular play sand?

Sure! Materials like Kinetic sand and Kidfetti work great in the Illumination Station.

Can I incorporate manipulatives in play?

We recommend it! Incorporate items like shovels, blocks, shells, animals, and figures into the Illumination Station experience.

Can I use it outside?

Sure you can. Just make sure that it is in a shaded area so the projection can still be easily seen.

Can I use it for water play?

Water should not be used in or around the Illumination Station due to the risk of damaging the electronic components.

Does it have a warranty?

The Illumination Station has a 2-year warranty (bulb not included).

How long will the light bulb last?

The LCD light bulb lasts approximately 3,000-4,000 hours, and requires changing every 1-2 years, depending on usage.

Is there any required maintenance on the Illumination Station?

The only required maintenance is to replace the bulb when it expires and clean the filters when doing so.

What do I do if it stops working?

If that should happen, don’t worry. Call Kaplan at 1-800-334-2014 and ask for help from Kaplan Tech or email [email protected]

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