Artie Max™ The Coding Robot

Artie Max™ The Coding Robot
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8 years & up. Artie Max™ brings code to life with colorful works of art! Great for beginners and pro-coders alike, Artie Max™ draws in 6 major coding languages that kids can learn and perfect to level up on 21st century STEM skills. Getting started is easy and kids can get coding within minutes by connecting their WIFI device securely and directly to Artie Max™ - no internet needed. Based on the award-winning Artie 3000™ coding robot, Artie Max™ brings even more color, personality, and creative coding possibilities to the drawing table.

Product Features

  • USB rechargeable battery
  • No internet connection needed
  • Comes with 3 interchangeable markers
  • Remote control functionality
  • Features smart sensors and line detection

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