Aquarium Flotex® Hybrid Rug - 5' x 3'

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Be mesmerized in the oceanic depths of a coral reef with two spotted eagle rays and a sea turtle gracefully swimming by. Look for the smaller fish swimming by. What else do you see?

This tranquil rug feels and acts like carpet, but easily cleans like a hard surface. Flexible with excellent design definition, this rug will look beautiful in the classroom.  Measures 5’ x 3’.

Features include:

  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Durable, does not show wear patterns
  • Waterproof and fast drying
  • Absorbs sound and captures allergens
  • Non-slip
"Teachers were very excited about them — especially the easy-to-clean information. They thought they were soft enough for the younger children and not a tripping hazard. The "height" is lower than the regular carpets they have in the room, so teachers felt it was even safer."

— Clemmons Learning Center

FLOTEX® Sheet Construction