Worries Are Not Forever / Las preocupaciones no duran para siempre - Bilingual Paperback

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4 - 7 years. Everyone feels worried or anxious at times, and young children are no exception. Friendly and supportive, this bilingual English-Spanish book explains what worries are and how it feels to be worried, assuring children that lots of kids--and grown-ups too--feel worried. Children learn that there are many ways to help their worries go away: "Guess what? You are bigger than your worries. You can learn to make your worries smaller and smaller and smaller." Talking about worries, moving around, keeping hands busy, breathing deeply, getting a big hug, and thinking good thoughts are all ways for children to cope with worries. A special section for adults in both languages offers activities and discussion starters for home, school, and child care. Bilingual paperback. 40 pages.

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