Shifu Plugo Interactive Children's STEM Wiz Pack with Math, Letters and Spelling

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Kaplan Elementary

One gamepad connects three kits for interactive STEM based learning. This 3-in-1 pack combines the goodness of three alternate reality-powered STEM kits - Plugo Count to learn math, Plugo Letters to spell and learn new words, and Plugo Link to solve puzzles with magnetic blocks. Hands-on learning and healthy screen-time guaranteed with story-based challenges. The pack contains 3 Plugo kits (Count, Link, and Letters) and 1 Plugo Gamepad. Tablet shown is not included.


  • 5 story-based games per STEM Kit, 15 games in total
  • 250+ puzzles and challenges
  • Age-adaptive challenges from PreK to Grade Five
  • Skills gained: storytelling, comprehension, analytical thinking, logical reasoning and many more