Adult Face Mask with Clear Center - Set of 5

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Kaplan Exclusive

Adult 2-ply cotton face mask with clear center for improved communication and recognition of emotions. The cotton construction allows for a comfortable wear, and the clear fabric allows for easy communication. Also included in the construction of the mask is a bendable nose wire for the ultimate fit. Masks are machine washable, but need to air dry.

Please note, fogging may occur. To prevent mask fogging please apply a defogger, like those for swimming and ski goggles, or apply household shaving cream to the mask and wipe clean. Measures approximately 7.5"W x 6"H.

Really disappointing

1 stars
I ordered these masks so that my students would be able to see my mouth--for smiles, seeing words articulated, emotional expression, etc. It was a risk on my part, since the masks were unreviewed. It seems I gambled poorly. The adjustable toggles on the side and the nose wire are helpful and helped the mask to fit my face well--I acknowledge this by giving two stars to product qualities and to product features. But the clear plastic--the whole reason I bought the masks--fogs in and out with every single breath. Breath out, it fogs, and as you breathe in, it de-fogs. Honestly, I found it rather gross to watch. On a deep breath, it will suck right up against your mouth and/or nostrils. This is not a good look, let me assure you. I am very sad and I am also out $50. I applaud Kaplan for wanting to provide a product such as this, because they know teacher desperately need one.....but this isn't it. Keep looking, Kaplan.

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