The Power of Presence: A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood

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The early years are a magical time when curiosity and creativity blend into learning and discovery. And yet families and educators face unprecedented pressures to remove the very pillars that make children feel safe, joyful, confident, and competent.

The Power of Presence: A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood offers insight and information to help you transform your teaching by learning how to pause, notice your surroundings, and simply be. Learn ways to spark joy, elevate well-being, and promote a deeper sense of inquiry, both personally and with others—young and old. Learn ways to consciously plant seeds of mindfulness at home, in the classroom, and around the world.


  • Developing and fostering your own awareness
  • Cultivating a culture ofmindfulness and climate of joy in your classroom
  • Creating an inclusive classroom that accepts and encourages all children
  • Ways to nurture and support equitable practices of justice, respect, and dignity

A more peaceful, present learning environment will help children to reclaim their safe, joyful, confident, and competent approach to learning. The adults in the children’s lives, whether families or educators, will also thrive in this mindful approach with more patience, focus, and confidence. Together, they’ll be able to breathe in blue skies and reach new heights of learning.

Paperback, 112 pages

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