Sensory Discs - Set of 5

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3 years & up. These sensory discs offer early learners, or those with special needs, captivating visual and soothing tactile sensory experiences! Give your learning spaces a new life with these sensory stimulates.

Bright! One disc offers color changing sequins with iridescent images and light refraction for a visual and tactile experience.

Squishy! One disc is see through and filled with colorful beads for a hand-on experience. Allows the users to experience physical and visual stimulation.

Squash! One disc is filled with a squishy, non-toxic substance for endless fun. Gives the users a fun and engaging physical stimulate.

Furry! One disc is threaded with soft and soothing shag noodles. Offers the users a calming stimulation for those over-whelming moments.

Surprise! One disc is see through and filled with beads of differing shapes and the 26 letters of the alphabet. Gives the user an enticing visual experience, while offering moments of language development.

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