PowerClix® Frames - Natural

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4 years & up. PowerClix® Naturals integrate elements of natural play and loose parts theory with the innovative STEM toy building platform of PowerClix®. With organic, neutral colors, Naturals encourages children to build architectural constructions using familiar shapes. In keeping with STEM toy attributes, PowerClix® magnetic building toys encourage children to think like engineers while having fun. Children can build unlimited 3D forms by visualizing the underlying design structure of an object, then creating a wireframe model of it using magnetic frames of geometric shapes. Naturals are designed to integrate flawlessly with all PowerClix® system sets. Organize and store PowerClix® pieces easily with the new metal plate built right into the packaging. The metal plate may be used as a building base as well. Includes 74 pieces.


  • Open-ended magnetic construction toy integrated with natural play and loose parts theory
  • Set includes Creativity Guide to fuel inspiration
  • Eight unique shapes create unlimited building possibilities
  • Magnets never repel, so creating 2D or 3D models is easy
  • Material: Translucent ABS plastic with neodymium magnets
  • Storage box has a metal plate for easy storage or as a base for builds
  • Educational Focus: Fine motor skills and spatial thinking with STEM applications

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